Falconry pest control

Looking for falconry pest control services? We offer affordable falconry control to help get rid of nuisance birds. We employ professional bird handlers that work with trained birds of prey to deter birds from your property. Our falconry services are available throughout the South West of England including Exeter, Devon, Barnstaple, Cornwall, Somerset, Bath, Bristol, Taunton, Wellington and Dorset. So, if you need to get rid of birds fast, contact us today for a free quote.

Falconry Bird Control and Proofing

Falconry bird control and removal is a natural and effective way of controlling bird infestations. Over an extended period of time, our professional bird handlers will fly birds of prey into areas that are experiencing bird infestations. It is necessary for multiple visits to occur to teach the nuisance birds that the area is no longer safe for roosting and nesting. Over time the birds will learn that the area is unsafe and move on.

One of the main advantages of falconry bird control, proofing and removal is that is a natural method which requires no installation of equipment. In addition, it naturally changes the behaviour of the local bird population, therefore providing a long-term solution.

falconry bird control

Here at Valley Pest Control in Devon, we offer professional falcony bird control services. We have a qualified and experienced team of bird handlers with the knowledge and expertise to get your bird pest issue under control. Because of the nature of falconry bird control, it is necessary for our bird handlers to attend on numerous visits in order to obtain long lasting results. We will pre-arrange a schedule of visits that are convenient for you.

In addition, bird of prey pest control is a method that can be used alongside various fixed bird proofing strategies which will enhance the results. To find out more about our bird of prey pest control services contact us.

bird of prey pest control

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