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Pigeons can cause a nuisance and can pose a threat to both property and health and safety. If you are looking for ways to get rid of pigeons, we offer affordable pigeon pest control services. We operate throughout the whole of South West England, including Exeter, Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Bath, Bristol and Dorset. We have fully qualified pest technicians that can tackle your pigeon problem effectively and stop them from returning. So, for fast pigeon control services, contact us today.

pigeons roosting on roof with pigeon droppings covering the roof

Effective Local Pigeon Control and Removal Services in Your Area

Valley Pest Control offers comprehensive pigeon control, proofing and removal services across the South West. We have regional staff located in your area who can react quickly to call outs and rectify your pigeon infestation quickly and efficiently. So, if you are looking for pigeon control, proofing and removal services in the South West, we are here to help.

What Damage Can Pigeons Cause to My Property?

Pigeons infestations cause a multitude of problems including, damage to property, risk of disease, fire hazards, and of course, unsightly mess. If you have a pigeon problem, it is recommended to deal with the infestation as soon as possible to minimise damage to your property. Installing adequate bird control deterrents is the best solution to deter pigeons from returning to your property.

Pigeon Dropping Damage

Pigeon droppings are acidic, therefore, they have the potential to cause serious damage to your property. Buildings that do not have bird proofing solutions installed, provide the ideal sanctuary for pigeons and other birds to roost and nest. Because pigeon droppings are acidic, they can stain and corrode roofing materials, window sills and other roosting places that your property offers. Over time, accumulation of pigeon droppings on your roof can lead to serious roof damage.

Pigeon droppings also have the potential to block guttering. Extensive accumulation of pigeon droppings is heavy and excessive weight within guttering can cause the gutter piping to detach completely.

As well as causing extensive damage to buildings, pigeon droppings also have the potential to seriously damage machinery and vehicles. Due to the acidity of the droppings, vehicle paint work can become corroded. Furthermore, excessive pigeon droppings on machinery will wreak havoc on wiring and components.

Pigeon Nests are a Fire Hazard

Pigeon nests are a serious potential fire hazard. Pigeon nests are made from flammable materials. Therefore, pigeon nests in chimneys and hot places pose a particularly serious fire hazard. In addition, pigeons that nest in areas where there is electrical equipment can also pose a fire risk. Acidic dropping can corrode wires, and faulty wires combined with flammable nesting materials can lead to the nest igniting.

Pigeon Infestations Damage Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems

If pigeons nest in ventilation systems, such as air conditioning units, ventilation piping and chimneys, they can cause blockages which can cause damage and pose a harmful risk to air quality. This risk is particularly severe if the ventilation is vital for clearing harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide. In addition, the fact that pigeons carry diseases, means that it is possible that disease can spread throughout the ventilation system.

Pigeons Carry Diseases

Pigeons carry diseases and parasites. In addition, pigeon droppings will host an array of harmful bacteria which poses a serious risk to health.

Time to Call in the Pigeon Control, Removal and Proofing Specialists?

It is far most cost effective to tackle a pigeon infestation as soon as possible to minimise damage to your property while deterring pigeons from returning. Valley Pest Control specialise in pigeon control and removal. We offer various bird control solutions to rid your property of pigeons and stop them returning. Call the experts, here at Valley Pest Control for a free survey, sound advice and professional pigeon control services.

Feral Pigeon (Columba Livia)

PEST NAME : Feral Pigeon (Columba Livia)

SIZE, SHAPE AND COLOUR : 33cm long. Weighs 280 to 400 gms. Blue grey plumage; very variable, double black wing bars, white to bluish and red rumps, again variable.

BIOLOGY : Can breed throughout the year but peaks in March and July, two white eggs laid on consecutive days. Incubation 18 days. 4 to 5 weeks later young leave the nest. Up to 9 broods per year.

PREFERRED FOODS : Very varied and chiefly cereal based, bread, cake, grain and seeds eaten and will scavenge on many spillages of raw food materials.

HABITAT : Urban and rural. Attracted to bakeries, flour mills, cereal processors. Lives under loading bay canopies and in old disused buildings. Will exploit broken windows, proofing defects and damage to building fabric.

feral pigeon

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