Fly control

Flies carry diseases and pose a risk to health and safety. Fly infestations are unpleasant and can be distressing. We offer fast and affordable fly control and fly prevention services for cluster fly infestations, house flies, autumn flies and bluebottle flies, to name a few. We can exterminate flies from your home or business and prevent them from returning. Our affordable fly pest control services are available to customers across Exeter, Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset. To find out if we cover your area click here. If you are suffering from a fly infestation call us today.

How to get rid of flies

If you are looking for ways of how to get rid of flies, contact the experts at Valley Pest Control. We offer effective fly control and prevention methods to treat a fly infestation and exterminate flies. We can also recommend and supply effective fly prevention methods to eliminate flies. Fly prevention methods include fly screens and fly control units.

Free Fly Infestation Surveys

We offer free and comprehensive fly infestation surveys and can provide treatments and products to help keep issues with flying insects under control.

Give us a call and we can help identify the species in order to recommend the appropriate fly treatment. We can help you insect-proof your property with insect screens and doors and schedule register regular visits to prevent pest infestation issues from recurring.

fly pest control

Fly species

There are many common flies in the UK that can cause unpleasant fly infestations. They include the following:

  • House fly
  • Cluster fly
  • Bluebottle fly
  • Crane fly
  • Autumn fly
  • Fruit fly

Call Valley Pest Control for effective fly control at competitive prices

For more information or to arrange an appointment for a pest technician to survey your home or business and provide fly control services give us a call. A member of our team will be happy to assist and book an appointment for a time and date to suit you. If you need an emergency call out to deal with a fly infestation, we can react fast to deal with the problem.

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