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Are you suffering from a fruit flies infestation and need fruit fly pest control? Fruit flies pose a risk to health and if not dealt with can become a serious problem. If you need fruit fly pest control, proofing and removal contact the pest experts at Valley Pest Control. We have been providing affordable fly control solutions to customers since 1976. Our fruit fly control services are available throughout, Exeter, Plymouth, Barnstable, Taunton, Bridgewater, Bath, Bristol, Yeovil and Truro, to name a few. To find out if we cover your area click here.

fruit fly pest control

How to get rid of fruit flies

If you have a fruit fly infestation and are looking for ways of how to get rid of fruit flies, contact Valley Pest Control. Fruit flies can be problematic in both domestic and commercial settings. If a fruit fly problem is not swiftly addressed, it can quickly become a serious fly infestation which will pose a risk to food hygiene and health and safety standards. Don’t run the risk of a minor fly infestation spiralling out of control. Call Valley Pest Control for affordable fruit fly pest control, proofing and removal services, before it gets out of hand.

Valley Pest Control, based in Cullompton, offer comprehensive pest control and removal services to combat fruit fly invasions. As well as treating a fruit fly infestation we also offer effective ways to prevent fruit flies returning such as fly screens and fly control units. Our professional pest control services are available throughout the South West, including Exeter, Devon, Dorset and Somerset. So, if you have a fruit fly infestation, call Valley Pest Control for fast and effective pest control services.

Free fruit fly infestation surveys

Here at Valley Pest Control, we offer free fruit fly infestation surveys to establish the extent of your fruit fly infestation. Our surveys are comprehensive, therefore, we will be able to identify the cause of the infestation and provide an accurate quotation for appropriate pest control services. In addition, we can offer sound advice on ways to prevent future fruit fly infestations, including information regarding our regular maintenance visits.

To book a free fly infestation survey contact us today.

fruit fly

FRUIT FLIES (Drosophila spp)

PEST NAME : FRUIT FLIES (Drosophila spp)

SIZE, SHAPE AND COLOUR : 2mm long. 3 to 4mm wingspan. Fat bulbous body, greyish yellow. Large often orange eyes. Simple wing venation. Feathery antennae. Cross striped abdomen.

BIOLOGY : 700 to 800 eggs laid at 20 to 25 per day in the foodstuff for the hatching larvae. Larvae have 3 moults and they migrate to pupate. The egg to adult stage can be a short as 8 days at 30oc.

PREFERRED FOODS : Varies but is usually sour mil, rotting and fermenting fruit e.g. grapes and bananas, fruit juices, tomatoes and dried fruits.

HABITAT : Vinegar factories, breweries, dried fruit washing plants, tomato processors, fruit drink producers and warehouses where spillage has occurred.

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