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If you have an issue with a hornet infestation and require hornet control, proofing and removal. We have been servicing customers since 1976 throughout, Exeter, Plymouth, Barnstable, Taunton, Bridgewater, Bridport, Weymouth, Dorchester, Redruth and Truro, contact Valley Pest Control.

Hornet Pest Control and Removal Solutions

Do you have a hornet problem? If so, Valley Pest Control Ltd provide effective hornet pest control, proofing and removal solutions throughout the entire South West. Our hornet pest control services are available across Exeter, Taunton, Wellington, Devon, Somerset, Dorset and Cornwall and all surrounding areas.

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Signs of a Hornet Infestation

Similarly to wasp infestations, there are a number of indicators that will identify a wasp infestation. Such as:

  • Noticeable number of wasps in the area
  • Loud buzzing
  • Visible nests
  • Evidence of feeding hornets from holes in fruit

Hornet (Vespa crabro)

SIZE, SHAPE AND COLOUR: 19-35mm. Narrow waist. Distinctive banding in yellow and brown.

BIOLOGY: Similar to that of the wasp with only the young, fertilised females surviving the winter in hibernation to emerge in the spring and form new colonies.

PREFERRED FOODS: Their prey is mostly made of insects which are considered pests. They also feed on bees, Hornets are not attracted to human foods and food wastes. However, they can totally destroy fruits, such as apples, while the fruit is still on the tree.

HABITAT: Occurs locally in the southern half of England and throughout Europe.

Despite its large size hornets are not particularly aggressive and because it is relatively uncommon should not be destroyed unless absolutely necessary.

Unless you are experienced in dealing with hornets, never attempt to destroy a colony yourself. If you find a nest, keep well away. There can be several thousand workers in a fully-formed colony and ALL OF THEM CAN STING! It is far more sensible, and safer, to call in Valley Pest Control Ltd, Devon.

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