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If you are suffering from a rodent infestation and require rodent control, don’t delay in arranging affordable rodent control services from Valley Pest Control. Our rodent pest control services are comprehensive and we can effectively deal with rats, mice, squirrels and moles. Our team of qualified pest control technicians can remove rodents and offer affordable rodent proofing to deter rodents from returning. With pest control experts strategically located across Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset, including Exeter, Bristol, Bath, Wellington and Taunton we can react fast to your pest problem. So, if you have a mice or rat infestation or require a mole catcher, call us for affordable rodent control services.

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Affordable rodent pest control

We offer affordable rodent pest control. Our staff are located across the South West and can react fast to your rodent problems. With years of experience and a team of qualified rodent control technicians, we can get rid of rodents quickly and stop them from returning. We deal with all kinds of rodents including:

Rodent proofing

Rodent proofing and rodent deterrent methods offered by our pest technicians provide an excellent way to deter rodents from your property. The methods we use include:

  • Rodenticides
  • Mouse traps
  • Rat traps
  • Mole traps
  • Bait boxes
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Signs of a rodent infestation

Signs of a rodent infestation are usually quite obvious. Rat droppings and mouse droppings are common telltale signs of mouse or rat problem. You may hear running and scrabbling noises which could indicate mice or rats in the walls. Rodents nest, so it is possible you will find carpets or fabrics chewed up. Additionally, you may notice holes that have been knawed in walls or floors for entry points. If you have a mole problem and need mole removal, the mounds in the garden will be instantly recognisable. If you find signs of a rodent infestation, don’t delay, call us for pest control services before the problem gets worse.

Book rodent control

If you have a rodent infestation and are looking for ways of how to get rid of rats and mice, need mole pest control or need to find a way of getting rid of squirrels, contact Valley Pest Control. We can react quickly to your call and get your pests under control for competitive prices.

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